Summer 2020 Series: Patio Ponderings with Kath & Mish

A series of online meet-ups for BC’s health care assistants.

As a Care Aide, Home Support Worker, Community Health Worker or other similar role in the time of COVID, you’re doing incredible work in tough circumstances. Even with support from your leaders, you might still feel disconnected or that it’s hard to find a laugh when you need it.

Ask yourself:

  • Would you like to connect with colleagues from across BC?
  • Do you want to share stories and stresses in a safe environment?
  • Do you want to be inspired with education and strategies for coping in 2020?

If yes… then you are invited to join Patio Ponderings with Kath and Misha — an online gathering offered by the BC Centre for Palliative Care that offers you a safe environment to share your stories, stresses and triumphs… and there’s a fun contest for prizes!

Click here for information about the Patio Ponderings Challenge

See the Patio Ponderings with Kath & Mish page on BC CPC’s website for dates, details and recordings.

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