The Path Forward
for Hospice Care in British Columbia

About the Hospice Care Alliance for British Columbia (HCABC)

The creation of HCABC is the result of a report entitled: Hospice Care in British Columbia: The Path Forward. Over a period of one year, health care professionals from across BC collectively prepared this first-of-its-kind report in consultation with stakeholders and hospice care experts. 

A key recommendation detailed in the report is the formulation of HCABC with representatives from hospice organizations, government, health authorities, professional organizations, researchers, health care facilities, charities, and patient and family groups, to accelerate the improvement of hospice care in BC.

Our Supporters

MP, Ron McKinnon, Chair of the Standing Committee on Health, Canada (PDF)


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Hospice Care in British Columbia: The Path Forward

HCABC’s Vision for Hospice Care            

A future where hospice organizations are meaningful and recognized partners in the provision of accessible, adaptable, accountable, and sustainable hospice care that improves the quality of living and dying for individuals with serious illnesses across British Columbia.

The 10-Step Path

HCABC’s role is to empower hospice organizations to assume a more integral role in addressing the increasing demand for person-centered HPC and lead the implementation of the 10-step path forward.       

  1. Design a strong, integrated structure for the alliance
  2. Secure reliable funding for hospice organizations
  3. Advocate for a provincial policy and strategy for hospice care in BC
  4. Establish a common definition for hospice care in BC
  5. Establish standards and an accreditation program for hospice organizations to ensure quality and consistency in hospice services across the province

Why Now?

By 2036, one-quarter of the province’s residents will be over the age of 65 and will put increasing demands on hospice care. Many federal reports indicate these older adults want to age at home and in their communities and want a say in the care they receive as they face serious illnesses. The increased demands and unprecedented challenges is expected to overburden the health care system; the current healthcare and social systems in British Columbia are not equipped to meet the enhanced psychosocial and practical needs of an aging population that wants to remain at home and in their communities. This requires immediate action to improve the quality of life of British Columbians.

News Spotlight

Establishing A Common Definition For Care Provided By Hospice Societies In BC (2022-2023)

January 22, 2024

Big News! BC Centre for Palliative Care & BC Hospice Palliative Care Association announce a consensus-based definition for the services provided by hospice societies in BC. For further information please visit Hospice Definitions Project.  

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Hospice Care in British Columbia: The Path Forward

July 24, 2020

Key healthcare stakeholders and representatives of hospice organizations across BC will join exclusive webinars on July 28 and 29, 2020 to learn more about this first-of-its-kind report and plans for the growth of HCABC.

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Your Voice Counts

The formation of HCABC is the result of input from individuals who care about those facing serious illnesses across the province. Its very success relies on increased support from individuals, families, loved ones, health care experts, health authorities, governments, and key stakeholders.

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